You Can Do These Tricks If Your Smartphone Falls To The Ground

A smartphone that falls to the ground or a hard surface is an accident that can happen anytime and anywhere. However, whatever the cause, the falling smartphone is one thing that is quite scary because there is a possibility the smartphone is damaged, especially if at least it fell from the height of the table. Indeed, with the development of technology, smartphones have begun to be made impact resistant. In fact, there are also smartphones that are made specifically to withstand a variety of harsh and waterproof. Additionally, if you love to ride motorcycles, you can prevent your smartphone from falling to the ground by using a good phone mount for motorcycle.

However, to really ensure that the condition of your smartphone is fine after falling, you can do the following tricks:

Reinstall and check the condition of the cellphone

If the cellphone falls off until it is disassembled or if a part is dislodged, reinstall the cellphone so that it looks like before. Make sure all parts starting from the battery to the outer frame are installed properly and tightly.

If the cellphone is already or still intact, check the physical condition. Are there blisters on the frame, cracks or scratches on the screen, or buttons that are stuck, loose or loose? In addition, try also to shake the cellphone several times. If there is an unfamiliar sound that has never existed before, it is possible that one of the components in your smartphone is detached.

Try turning on the cellphone

If the cellphone is killed by falling, try turning it on again. Make sure the cellphone can be switched on again as usual. If nothing appears on the screen but there are signs that the phone is on normally, try checking the fourth check phone, WiFi, and other transmitter features.

Check the screen, buttons, and other physical features

If the cellphone can turn on, try to use all the physical features available on the cellphone. Is the screen still the same as before falling? If the cellphone has a touch screen, can the screen still be used as usual? Do not forget to also check other buttons such as voice buttons and others.

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