These 5 Tips Can Improve The Quality Of Your Vacation On The Beach

The beach is far different from cities or mountains. Do not just visit the beach randomly if you want to get an unforgettable holiday experience. For certain types of beaches, there are even more accurate ways to enjoy your time there. As an example, if you want to enjoy your time on the brigantine beach, we recommend you to learn a few things from the Brigantine Beach Guide beforehand.

Fortunately, this time we will share 5 vacation tips to the beach with you, such as:

1. Bring your anti-sand bags and clothes

Playing with sand and water on the beach is an exciting thing you can’t miss. Unfortunately, a lot of grains of sand stick to bags or clothes pockets. To overcome this, you can use bags or clothes made with anti-sand material. It’s even better if the bag is also waterproof.

2. Bring Anti-Insect Medication

Do not underestimate the insect repellent. Even though your destination is a beach, that doesn’t mean there are no mosquitoes or other insects. Especially if you are camping. Bring insect repellents such as lotion or spray. Use it well, don’t pollute the environment.

3. Add a float to the Key

It’s safest to store keys in a bag. However, if you forget and accidentally drop it in the water it will be a problem. To overcome this, you can add a float on the key ring.

4. Learn the Types of Waves

There are many types of waves, and some of them are very dangerous. If you get hit by the waves, it will be dragged to the middle of the ocean. The name is ripped current. So before going to the beach, take time to learn how to read the waves.

5. Learn How to Save Yourself

Knowing the types of waves is not enough, you also have to learn how to save yourself from dangerous waves. Keep yourself calm and swim in the direction parallel to the beach. Don’t go against the flow. First, find out where the guard post. Even better if you bring a tool like a whistle that can be sounded for help.

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