Reasons Our Prayers Are Not Answered

When our prayers have not been answered other than trying to use miracle healing prayers service, we also need to reflect ourselves whether God is happy with our wishes or perhaps our prayers, desires and hopes are not the best for us. However, we must still think positively if all the best comes from God is the best so we still have to be sincere in living everything. There are several reasons why our prayers have not been answered.

– You have not fulfilled your obligations. Do not demand that our prayers be answered while our obligations to the creator have not been fulfilled. Try to introspect yourself whether our worship has been done well or not, because how could God hold back our prayers if we always draw closer to Him.

– Always be immoral. The reason why your prayers are not answered by God is that you are always in the pit of immorality so that your prayers are blocked by your sins. If you are currently on the wrong path, fix it immediately and bring yourself back to God so that your prayers are not held back by Him.

– Less charitable work. The reason why your prayer was not answered could be because you are also lacking in charity. Yet as we know, alms can help our prayers be answered and can also extend life.

– Always talk about other people’s faults. How can your prayer be answered immediately if you always talk about the ugliness of others and have feelings of envy towards them? While the key to prayer can be answered surely you must have a clean heart first, right? Return to His ways and cleanse your heart so that your prayers are not blocked by your sins.

– Forget to be grateful. Finally, God will not immediately grant our prayers if we always forget to give thanks even the smallest favor given by God to us, we need to be thankful for God to add to that favor. Be thankful for all his gifts so that God will also answer our prayers. Stay positive thinking and keep the faith.