Problems With Printer Barcodes

In general, each barcode printer has an error indicator/notification when the device experiences an installation error or damage. In the barcode printer, this error indicator can be in the form of a blinking LED light or immediately notifies an error on a small display. If you need help dealing with the damage to your barcode printer, you can visit Zebra Printer Repair.

In the printer barcode, there are several causes of error, here are some of them:

– Electricity is not stable, so the printer can not maximize its performance and lead to errors or even damage. Solution: Move a steady flow of electric power.

– Installation of ribbons or labels that are not in accordance with the flow/path can also cause errors or the printer will not work, for example, such as labels that do not fit in the position of the guideline, so that it will cause the label sensor cannot read the gap, black mark or the size of the label. Solution: Make sure and replace the ribbon and label correctly.

– Headcover is open / not closed completely, Headcover is a protective as well as a lock between the printhead with the engine cover down. When you want to do printing, the position of the headcover must be locked properly, otherwise, the printout will only have half or the printer has an error. Solution: remove and reinstall correctly.

– There are torn labels or other objects that obstruct the label sensor or sensor ribbon so that the sensor cannot read the ribbon and label size. Solution: Remove the ribbon and label, clean the machine parts near the ribbon sensor and label.

– The installation of the ribbon or label is reversed. Solution: Remove and reinstall correctly.

But there are also other causes the printer will not print even though the error indicator does not light.

1. The USB port on the PC or printer is damaged / dirty, workaround: clean the USB port and replace the USB correctly.
2. A damaged USB cable, Solution: Replace the USB cable.
3. Incorrectly installed driver or incorrectly selected printer to be used for printing. Solution: Make sure the driver is installed and that it will be used, if the wrong driver is installed, reinstall the printer driver.