Sengkang Grand Residences Site Plan for Future Investment

The Sengkang Grand Residences is a new condominium in Singapore within the integrated development of Sengkang Grand. This condo comprises retail shops, residential apartments and community facilities such as community club, childcare center, and food center. Located in Sengkang Central, it also integrates public bus and rail transport at Buangkok MRT station. This residential is being developed by most reputable and experienced real estate companies in Singapore, Capitaland Limited and City Developments.

Before you buy a new condo, here’s the site plan you need to know.

The Site Plan of Sengkang Grand Residences

Sengkang Grand Residences know as a mid-rise condominium with 682 apartments in Singapore that sits on the podium of Sengkang Grand. You can find communal facilities across the E-Deck over the podium, that includes lots of space for a gym, gardens, pools, clubhouse, dining and BBQ pavilions and many more. So you can easily enjoy your spare time with family and friends without leaving your apartments.

Since 2015, the site of Sengkang Grand Residence become the largest new commercial and residential site with an almost triangular shape that makes the organic design more interesting. The condo also has great viewing makes more beautiful from the above.

The condo location in the east is bounded by Sengkang Central road and on its south the curving Compassvale Bow road. There is the Compassvale Ancilla Park in the north-west and Palm View Primary School on its west side. This condominium is almost island site so you should have some breathing space and away from neighboring blocks. For example units on the west of the site, the school has less than 6- story high.

That’s all about the site plan of it. You need to choose the right residential that have great features and amenities which is perfect for future investment.

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