Don’t Recklessly Choose A Socket

In this day and age, the activity of plugging and removing the plug repeatedly from the socket is often done. If the socket used does not have good quality, the socket will become damaged or loose. When the wall socket is damaged and unable to withstand vibration, the electrical connection fails. Failure of the electrical connection can make the power source become disconnected from electrical equipment. Electrical equipment which is cut off electric current becomes non-working. If the electrical connection becomes loose, there will be excessive heat and even a spark. So that it can cause the wall socket to become hot, burn, and burn. Also, make sure that the power installation is correct by using the services of a licensed electrician Columbia SC to help you.

4 Things to Look for in Selecting a Socket

1. Brand Recommendations
In choosing a good socket, you should look for products from well-known brands as a reference. Because generally these products have been proven through various product safety tests, electricity induction tests and various positive testimonials from users.

2. Adjust the Budget
Everyone generally wants an item that has good quality, but at a low price. But there are also those who need volume so that the lowest price is the main factor. For electrical installations by planting sockets for long-term use, it is advisable to use electric sockets with qualified quality.

3. Stop Contact Clamp Plate Material
Clamping plate material in the socket is very important. The quality socket has a clamp plate made of brass. Why does it have to be made of brass?

It turned out that the brass material is able to conduct electricity to the maximum. But be careful in buying electrical sockets on the market, because there are many outlets where the clamping plate material is made of iron or zinc. The socket clamp material made of iron or zinc can be easily corroded, warped, and overheated when conducting electricity.

4. Electric Socket
Make sure that the plug that you have purchased is equipped with a retaining device that functions to connect the plug to the grounding cable. The earth plate which has brass material is stronger when pressed and released back to the starting position.

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