6 Secrets Of Classic Magic Tricks That Are Actually Just A Trick

Magic is an interesting entertainment that invites a lot of curiosity. Impossible things are often done by magicians and for a moment make us amazed because of the creation of possibilities that seem almost unreasonable. Magic shows from the magician gold coast might be suitable as an opening if you want to see firsthand a simple magic technique in person and up close.

Magic is actually mostly in the form of tricks and tricks of the eye that trick the attention of the audience. Some of these classic magic tricks you may see often but you never understand.

1. Walk on water Walking on water is one of the magic that is almost impossible. But it turns out magicians put clear glass in water and irregular shape.

2. Floating by holding one hand on the stick Sometimes there are people who seem to be able to fly just by holding on to a stick? Of course, it’s not just any stick. The stick has been modified so that it has a holder for magicians.

3. Zig-zag body cut A body that is cut into pieces can actually be explained easily. Magicians only need a girl assistant who is lean and flexible so that her body is flexible.

4. Glass floats Have you ever seen floating glass magic? Relax, they don’t use magic, only the speed of their hands and the shrewdness of the performing arts.

5. The body is tilted 45 degrees Although this is not a magic trick, it still looks like magic when you see Michael Jackson dancing and almost falling like this. Apparently, behind it, there is a smart trick. The shoes used by dancers have gaps to hook nails embedded in the dance floor.

6. Cut the body on the table Usually, there is an assistant magician who is placed on the table, and then as if cut by a large saw. Then without getting hurt, his body returned to normal. This trick is almost the same as the zig-zag cutting technique. The difference is that the assistant only needs to fold his legs to the limit set by the magician.

The above example is only a handful of tricks that are very often used by magicians. The point is that magic is a performance art skill, not magic or black magic. The more difficult our minds accept, the cooler the show. Because we can ‘be fooled’ without us knowing.

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