4 Effective Tricks To Create An Apartment Interior Design

For those of you who just bought a Kopar Newton condo, surely you can’t wait to immediately fill it with the interior design concept of the apartment you want. But, if you don’t make careful planning, the interior design of your dream apartment might not be realized according to your expectations.

Instead of protracting thinking about it, you better try the arrangement tricks for apartment interior design here.

1. Make the exposed area as the tv room area
If the interior design of your apartment has an L-shaped open space and there is an opening or window on one side like this, you can use the area near the opening as an interior area of ​​the family room. The interior design of an L-shaped apartment usually has a small width.

The existence of natural openings makes the family room or small TV room design feels more refreshing and not crowded. With an apartment interior design like this, you can still feel comfortable when gathering with other members.

2. Use footless display racks to give the impression of a more spacious room
To get around the vast interior design of a narrow apartment, you can use footless furniture like this hanging credenza. This is a smart solution that you can try, especially for a family room in the interior design of an L-shaped apartment.

3. Take advantage of the transition between two spaces as a kitchen area
If you are confused about where you can place the cooking kitchen area in the interior design of your apartment, you can place it in the transition area between two enclosed spaces. Dimensions or size of the area needed for the kitchen area in a small apartment interior design does not need to be large, only with a mini kitchen set like this, the kitchen area can already function properly.

4. For the bedroom, maximize one side to place the furniture.
If the interior design of your apartment has a bedroom, you can apply an interior design style that is different from the design style in an open space. As in the bedroom in the interior design of this small apartment, the nuances of wood look very dominating from the use of quality furniture and wood flooring materials.

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